How to Get Rid of Roaches in Car Fast Without Bug Bomb

How to get rid of roaches in car fast

*How To Get Rid Of Roaches In Car*

Cockroaches are the very last thing you should even worry about in your car. Unfortunately, once these irritating pests have come to stay, what started as a minor problem can most likely get much worse.

We are going to depict to you exactly how to effectively get rid of roaches in cars for good and in a few simple logical steps.

Ready to quit driving your car with roaches on board?

How Do Roaches Get In Your Car?

how to get rid of roaches in car

Let us be crystal clear. Cockroaches are the very worst kind of passengers to have in one’s car. They smell, litter everywhere, and are carriers of all types of known bacteria that could make you and your passengers extremely sick.

Most people know this and understand it, and while a few of us would willingly invite or encourage cockroaches in our cars, the matter of fact is that they rarely get there without some kind of human assistance.


Cockroaches naturally are not only very good at infesting our things, but they are also experienced and experts at hitchhiking inside the things we leave around. They can hide perfectly in almost everything we purchase, borrow, lift, or wear, and can lay their eggs in those things as well.

Shopping paper bags, for example, can become an easy point of entry. Unfortunately, you can also be unlucky to get handed a bag of infested groceries at any store, you could be in for a nasty surprise.

Cockroaches also move about in suitcases, yard sale boxes, purses, and backpacks, clothes from the dry-cleaners, and other places. And all of these things will most likely make a stop in your car before getting into the house.

Once they find a possible way into your car, cockroaches will stick around for the little cereal your kids might have dropped under the seat, the hamburger packaging you thought you might have thrown away, and all sorts of other tasty treats that get lost eventually inside your car.

Needing so little to survive, and striving on all the delicious crumbs you might have left inside your car, cockroaches would comfortably dwell in your car, and immediately start breeding.

How To Get Rid Of Roaches In Car With The “Special Ops” Technique

roaches in car

When you get serious about putting an end to your cockroach problem, there is something quite important to take note of. Cockroaches are very good at what they do, and they do not back out without a fight.

Getting rid of cockroaches in cars just means letting go of the illusion of an instant or not so worrisome approach. Rather we favor the targeted, innovative, (what we could call) Special Ops technique.

The Special Ops technique gets cockroaches so hard in multiple ways. It takes much more effort at the beginning, and of course a little bit more time, but it kills cockroaches more efficiently and for longer-term periods.

The first and most important step in Special Ops Technique is to find where the cockroaches are hiding inside your car.

Special Ops Technique 1: How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Car By Identifying Where They Stay

Discovering the irritating cockroach hideouts inside of your car does more than strengthen or build up your character. It shows you exactly where and how much you are bringing to the fight.

The most efficient way to begin this  task is with a known exercise you will hear most exterminators refer to as “thinking like a cockroach.”

How do you Think Like a CockRoach

Thinking like one is simple in a car, and sounds more like  “Boy, I’m starving. Where are all the crumbs at?”

Thinking like a cockroach will most likely lead you first to the space under the car seats, this is where all crumbs, straw wrappers, empty water bottles, and all loose change fall in, never to be seen in your car again. You would be surprised (unless you are a parent) at just how much “food” gets collected down there making it the most perfect place for an evergrowing cockroach and hideout.

Next stop: we should check the floor mats. Whether or not you got plastic mats or fabric carpets, the stains and crumbs of food on top are typically only part of the story. Underneath, look for tiny, car-loving German cockroaches or even those tinier cockroach eggs. Flat and very small, these little bugs and their eggs and how they lay are perfectly built to live and multiply by the hundreds, literally right underneath your feet.

The trunk of your car holds plenty of areas where cockroaches can hide. You could have a storage space or a spare tire compartment underneath the floor of your trunk that could be home to them in larger numbers.

Finally, “thinking like a cockroach” should lead you to specific areas like the tire-changing tool compartments in your car, door handle pockets, glove compartments, air conditioning vents that are not functioning, and that fast food plastic bag that turned into a garbage receptacle stuck between the seats.

Now that you have raided most of the cockroaches’ most likely hideouts, it is time to make those areas prime targets in your attack.

Technique 2: How To Rid Yourself Of Cockroaches In Your Car by Hitting Specific Target Areas Hard

The next crucial part of the Special Ops technique is taking what you have learned about your infesting enemy’s comfortable lifestyle and turning it up against them: Firstly by taking away everything they love that is in your car, then striking and killing them where they inhabit.

Step 1: How to Make Your Car an inhabitable Place For Cockroaches

While you’re probably already itching to do some killing, it is not quite time to kill off these little buggers just yet.

What you will need to do first is to clean and clear out your car, removing every possible thing and that includes your car seats that could potentially be a source of food to cockroaches.

If you have not already removed all carpets, opened all of the compartments, and remove all the seats out of the way, do that immediately. Then move in there with the most powerful vacuum cleaner you can find and vacuum every possible hide spot, hole, and so on in your car.

If you do not have a portable vacuum, go to the nearest car wash. Most have efficient vacuums available for just a few quarters. The vacuum cleaning is key because it will suck up even the tiniest of crumbs from the carpet fibers and will let you reach into tight spots you would not be able to reach with your hand.

Then, clear out and move everything you could live without.

Sure, if your car looks somewhat like a closet, you are not in this alone. But all that clustered mess makes it quite easy for cockroaches to hide and keep breeding. Empty your car of all possible clothes, food containers, shopping bags, etc. It usually piles up unknowingly and gives these tiny bugs a breeding place.

Step 2: How to Kill Cockroaches in Cars Without the Useless Bombs

For a fact, those bombs can stain and discolor all of your upholstery and headliner, leaving your car full of cockroaches, and also looking much worse than it did before.

Additionally, a big burst of fog might sound good for reaching every corner of your car, it does not always reach those tight places or reach them with a deadly dose. The result is a car that would still have cockroaches that could be driven more deeply in.

A much better way to kill cockroaches in your car is a product called gel bait. Gel bait is a very sneaky secret weapon that is applied in very tiny amounts in or close to the trouble spots you identified and vacuumed earlier on. And it works in two really exciting ways.

First, it draws the cockroaches to eat it, slowly killing those that eat it. Then it quietly spreads to the others in the cockroach colony as they feast on their fallen kin. A cockroach’s good and high-quality bait such as gel bait is usually so powerful that just a few drops can clear out nearly every single cockroach in your car, mostly within a matter of days.

A suggested second step for a really bad infestation in your car is an instant application of insect growth regulator (IGR) which does not just attack any cockroach nymphs that survived a round of baiting but encourages the whole colony to keep eating more bait. Using IGR together with bait, you can eliminate even the worst car cockroach infestation within a single generation.

An Alternative Approach To Use: How To Get Roaches Out Of Car Naturally

If you are not willing to put chemicals underneath your seats, you will be happy to know there are also a couple of effective natural ways to rid yourself of cockroaches living in your car.

Diatomaceous earth (DE): This is an amazing cockroach-killing product and it is non-toxic. Simply sprinkle a thin-layered film onto carpets and under all seats. It will kill cockroaches when they walk through it. They do not have to eat it.

Borax is another natural powder that is quite known that kill cockroaches. Boric acid, which is made from the same mineral, works very well also. Cockroaches would have to eat this one though, so mix it with a little peanut butter to make it attractive to the cockroaches, fill some bottle caps or covers with this mixture, and throw them deep underneath your seats.

What Would Happen If My Pet Eats The mixture?

Luckily, the products we suggest are not as toxic to pets as they are to roaches. Most of the ingredients found in all gel baits are food-based, IGR formulas have not been found to be dangerous for any pet, and when borax and diatomaceous earth are used in the small quantities recommended, they should not cause any harm.

Tips On How To Prevent Cockroaches In Your Car

Close all windows

Yes, cockroaches are always up and about, but some like wood cockroaches are little explorers, too. Many can climb steep surfaces. And some can fly about. Keep car doors and windows closed to keep them out at all times. Avoid parking your car near wooded areas if you can and be careful at the local dumping areas.

Inspect your car after trips to a hotel, campsite or yard sale.

You can not avoid carrying luggage, boxes, and the occasional bag of mulch inside of your car. However, you can be attentive and take a thorough look in the trunk after you have dropped everything off.


Somehow, our cars do not always get the same sensitive treatment as our homes. But cars are still at risk for cockroach infestations and it is just as important to guard them against infestation.